Alabama Applicant Processing Service (AAPS)




Fingerprint Rejections

Fingerprint images captured by a Livescan device may be rejected by the FBI or ABI for a variety of reasons.

          Incorrect Registration

           Low or poor quality fingerprints


Instructions When Fingerprints Are Rejected for Incorrect Registration Information (This includes incorrect name spelling, reversal of first and last names, incomplete or wrong address, incorrect SSN)

The accuracy of an applicant registration is the applicant's responsibility. To ensure your registration is accurate, please review your registration information BEFORE submitting your fingerprints. Registration information may becorrected prior to fingerprint submission ONLY, either via online or by telephone.

If your fingerprint submission is rejected due to incorrect registration information, you must re-register, re-pay and get fingerprinted again.Please see Fingerprinting Overview at


Instructions When Fingerprints Are Rejected for Low or Poor Quality

In circumstances where an applicantís fingerprints generate characteristics of low or poor quality, the FBI or ABI may reject the submission.If the applicant's fingerprints are rejected for quality of the prints, a letter will be generated and mailed to the applicant by Cogent Systems.The applicant is required to take this letter (or the applicant's REGISTRATION ID) to any of the Cogent AAPS fingerprint locations for the collection of a second set of fingerprints, to be completed at no cost to the applicant.

The applicant must return within 90 days of the first rejection to a AAPS print location to be fingerprinted again at no cost.If the applicant does not return within 90 days to be fingerprinted again, they must re-register, re-pay and be fingerprinted again.


If the second submission of the applicantís fingerprints is rejected due to the quality of the prints, you will NOT receive a second rejection letter from Cogent Systems.In the event an applicantís fingerprints are rejected a second time, ALSDE will be informed and ALSDE will provide a solution for your background check.