New Mexico Applicant Processing Service

Agency Payment Account Enrollment Instructions



Gemalto Cogent offers two (2) type of agency payment accounts:

        Escrow Account Preferred method (automatic approval)

        Billing Account Please see restrictions below. Agencies must qualify for an account.

Escrow Account

Escrow accounts allow agencies to prepay for applicant background checks.

        Escrow account applications are automatically approved by Gemalto Cogent.

        Escrow accounts may be funded online by credit card or by sending a check or money order to Gemalto Cogent.

        Each time an applicant registration is completed, the cost of the background check is automatically debited from the escrow account.

        Escrow accounts cannot have a negative balance. If the escrow account is not funded, the registration page will prompt the user for another form of payment.

Billing (Agency Pay) Account

        Billing account applications are not automatically approved. Gemalto Cogent will manually review the billing account application for approval.

        To qualify for a billing account, agencies must process a minimum of 100 transactions (applicants) per month.

        If approved for a billing account, Gemalto Cogent will send an invoice at the end of each month.

        If agencies are approved for a billing account and do not meet the 100 transaction minimum, or if agencies do not pay their invoice within 30 days, the billing account will be suspended. If the billing account is suspended, agencies will automatically be switched to an escrow account.

Account Approval & Use

Once an agency account is approved, Gemalto Cogent issues a unique ID and Password via an email confirmation.

The ID and Password will be requested during applicant registration to ensure that the correct applicant transaction is billed to the correct agency.

To enroll for an agency account:

        Go to

        Choose the New Mexico icon.

        Under the Agency Use section, choose Agency Account Enrollment.

        Complete the requested information and click Save.

        Once the account is approved, a unique Billing Code and Billing Password will be emailed to the email address listed on the agency application.