New Mexico Applicant Processing Service

How To Become A Fingerprint Site

Becoming a Gemalto Cogent fingerprinting site is a great opportunity for businesses, as it increases foot traffic and requires no investment other than the time it takes to learn the fingerprint capture process.


Contact Information

Gemalto Cogent is currently looking for fingerprint sites in the following cities:


If you are interested in becoming a fingerprint site please contact:

Fingerprint Site Responsibilities

        All equipment is provided free-of-charge (no hidden charges, no set-up charges).

        Gemalto Cogent will train users how to use the fingerprint capture system.

        Gemalto Cogent pays fingerprint sites a transaction fee for each applicant that uses the service.

        Gemalto Cogent provides all maintenance and technical support at no charge.

        Fingerprint sites provide the space for the equipment and an internet connection.

        Fingerprint sites capture fingerprints using a Livescan system using the three steps illustrated below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Flat Fingerprints (Right & Left)

Flat Thumbprints

Ten Rolled Fingerprints