New Mexico Applicant Processing Service

Hardcopy Fingerprint Cards



Applicants that are out-of-state, applicants that are unable to visit a fingerprinting location, or if you are unable to be electronically fingerprinted may submit a hardcopy fingerprint card to Gemalto Cogent.

A list of fingerprinting sites is available online at

As of November 5, 2013, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (DPS) will no longer accept hardcopy fingerprint cards.


Applicants that are submitting ink cards that require a New Mexico background check should:

        Obtain two inked fingerprint cards captured on standard FD-258 applicant fingerprint cards.

        Registration All applicants must be registered prior to sending hardcopy fingerprint cards.

o   Department of Health (DOH) Applicants Department of Health applicants must be registered by their employer/facility. Contact your employer/facility to ensure you have been registered.

o   All Other Applicants Register online at Select the Fingerprint Card User box. Applicants may also contact the Registration Call Center to register by phone: 1-877-99NMAPS (1-877-996-6277).

        Payment Payment may be made online or a money order can be sent with your fingerprint card:

o   Online Applicants may pay online at the time of registration using a credit/debit card, or the transaction may be billed to your employer using agency pay.

o   With Fingerprint Card Money order only. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

        Registration ID/Document Control Number DOH applicants will receive a Document Control Number. All other applicants will receive a Registration ID. Write this number on the back of your fingerprint cards.

        Submission Mail the cards (and if applicable, payment) to:

Thales, APS Department #165

2964 Bradley Street

Pasadena, CA 91107

        Results Background check results will be sent directly to your employer. Gemalto Cogent does not have access to background check results, or make employment determinations. Please check with your employer regarding your background check results.