New Mexico Applicant Processing Service

Process Overview



All applicants must register prior to being fingerprinted.  You must be fingerprinted within 90 days of registration.

Department of Health Applicants

·        The facility/employer will register applicants. Please contact your facility/employer for details on how you will be registered.

·        The facility/employer will provide the applicant with a Document Control Number.

All Other Applicants (Not Department of Health)

·        The facility/agency or applicant must register with Gemalto Cogent at Choose New Mexico and then click Register Online for a Background Check.

·        After registration is complete, the applicant will receive a Registration ID Number.

·        While online registration ( is the preferred registration method, telephone registration is also available: 1-877-99NMAPS (1-877-996-6277).


·        Fingerprint sites are listed at > New Mexico > Fingerprint Location Map.

·        Appointments are not required.

·        Applicants may visit any fingerprinting location during any of the site’s scheduled fingerprinting hours.  Check the website for hours.

·        Bring your Registration ID or Document Control Number (Department of Health applicants) and a valid photo ID.

·        If you are paying by money order, bring a money order made out to Gemalto Cogent.


·        Background check results will be sent directly to your employer.

·        Gemalto Cogent does not have access to background check results, or make employment determinations.

·        Please check with your employer regarding your background check results.