Gemalto Cogentís Refund Policy



All refunds will be made at Gemalto Cogentís discretion.

        Refunds will not be granted if an applicant has already been fingerprinted.

        It is the applicantís responsibility to verify that the registration information is correct prior to being fingerprinted.

        Rejections due to improper registration will require re-registration, re-payment (applicantís expense) and re-fingerprinting. Improper registration includes:

o   Entering demographic data incorrectly.

o   Registering under the wrong agency.

        Refunds will only be issued if an error was made by a Gemalto Cogent Customer Service Representative while registering an applicant through the Call Center.

        Gemalto Cogent reserves the right to retain a refund processing fee.

Modify/Cancel A Registration

Registrations may be canceled or modified at prior to fingerprinting.If you need to correct registration information, use the table below to determine how to correct the information.

Information That Needs Updated





        Other demographic data

Modify your registration.



        Reason Fingerprinted

Cancel your registration and register again.

After cancelling your registration, you will be refunded (if applicable), and you need to complete a new registration.