New Mexico Applicant Processing Service

CHRI Review Account Enrollment Instructions



The following web pages will collect information that allows you to apply for an online account to review applicants' Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).

The information you provide will be submitted to and reviewed by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS).

NMDPS will respond to your request within 10 days.

Account Functionalities

A CHRI Review Account allows authorized users to review applicants' CHRI online.

Please note that per FBI policy, the CHRI can only be stored online for a limited time.

CHRI will be automatically deleted after the 30 days, or after the authorized user has viewed the information (whichever timeframe is shorter).


The following web pages will guide you through the 5 step process.

Please note that you must print and sign each required form. These forms must be retained for future NMDPS audits.

        Step 1 - Enter Demographic Data

        Step 2 - NMDPS User Agreement

        Step 3 - CFR Training Acknowledgement

        Step 4 - Rules of Behavior Acknowledgement

        Step 5 - Fingerprint Submission Acknowledgement

To review CHRI, you must have completed a fingerprint based background check for your current employer. Fingerprint based background checks from previous employers are invalid.

Multiple Agency Accounts

The system allows the same agency to have multiple accounts.

Once the main user (super user) is approved, they will be allowed to assign separate usernames and passwords to additional CHRI Reviewers (sub-users).

Please note that the documents and background checks outlined in Steps 2-5 above, will need to be completed for each sub-user. The sub-user's signed documents will also need to be kept on file for future NMDPS audits.

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