**Please do NOT enroll your agency if your applicants will be paying for their own background checks.
Escrow Account - Complete the information on this page. A user ID and password will be emailed to the Administrator of record. Escrow Accounts are approved automatically and an email describing how to fund your Escrow accounts online by credit card, or by sending a check or money order to Gemalto Cogent, will be sent along with your user ID and password.
Billing Account- Billing account applications are not automatically approved. To qualify for a billing account, an agency must process a minimum of 100 transactions (applicants) per month. If approved for a billing account, Gemalto Cogent will send the Agency an invoice at the end of each month. If an Agency is approved for a billing account and it does not meet the 100 billable transaction minimum, or if agencies do not pay their invoice within 30 days, the billing account will be suspended. If the billing account is suspended, agencies will automatically be switched to an escrow account.
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